Whiskey, the singing dog


Anyone who has been to La Bacheca will never forget Whiskey, our little four-legged friend.  In the summer, he loves to lie in the sun right in the front of the shop, regardless of passers-by who often enjoy photographing him in his fanciful poses.

Whiskey, in fact, is undoubtedly a funny dog, with his short paws, large bat-like ears and upturned tail.

What kind of dog is he? It is difficult to give a single answer.  Perhaps you will find similarities with a Chihuahua, perhaps a Pomeranian, or even more so with a Welsh corgi. You decide. But one thing is certain, it will be impossible to ignore him. Once you set foot in the shop, he will begin to follow you barking insistently in a desperate search for attention and pampering.  And he won’t calm down until he gets it!

But what makes him truly special and unique is a completely natural talent. Whiskey sings, and you won’t believe it but it’s also in tune!  Just start humming one of his favorite songs and he will honor you with an incredible performance. I assure you that it will be impossible not to fall in love with him!

So if you happen to visit La Bacheca know that the little dog that will welcome you is not an ordinary dog! If you want to give him some cuddles he will reward you with an absolutely unique show.

What our clients say about Whiskey…

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