The art of ceramics is an ancient tradition of the Amalfi Coast whose origins date back to the XVI century A.D. The ceramic raw material is clay that, moulded by skilful hands, allows to create unique pieces of extraordinary shapes. The object is left to dry out and then fired in a kiln at a very high temperature becoming what we call terracotta. At this stage, the object is glazed and then decorated before being fired for a second time. This is how hand-painted ceramics is made. In cooperation with local artists and small artisan shops, La Bacheca offers exclusive pieces resulting from continuous research of combinations that highlight the artisanship and the tradition but, at the same time, reinterpret them in a new and eclectic way, playing with shapes and colours. Besides the artistic and design lines, La Bacheca selects classic ceramics, with references to lemons and Baroque style, and offers products of the historical and renowned Solimene ceramics of Vietri sul Mare. Entering La Bacheca shop means being amazed at colours, plays on lines, recalls to nature or abstract art. The common denominator is always beauty, attention to detail and the guarantee of a local and handmade manufacture.


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Events decorations

How do you imagine your special event? Probably like something personal and unique, arranged with attention to the smallest detail to remain indelibly imprinted on your memory. Together, we can create objects, seat markers, setups in hand-painted ceramics in the shapes and colours that you have always desired and dreamt of. Let your fantasy guide you, we will think about all the rest.


In addition to the articles listed in our catalogue, it is possible for you to request personalised ceramics in order to meet all your needs and desires. We can provide personal and special solutions with promptness and attention to detail.