La Bacheca Praiano

Ceramics Store Amalfi Coast

La Bacheca was born from the business idea of Gaetano De Stefano, “wood craftsman” for three generations, who has been dedicating his life to searching for excellence in terms of quality and artisanship. We, his daughters and his wife Anna, have transformed what initially was a shop of furniture, doors and windows, which Gaetano produces and selects with accuracy and dedication, into a boutique where refined and exclusive home accessories match perfectly with the best Amalfi Coast ceramic handicraft. This, with a perspective of furniture at 360 degrees starting from design tables, passing through precious ceramic centrepieces, up to a wide choice of dishes and kitchenware, all rigorously hand painted and produced by local artisans and artists.  If you add to such choice a corner of selected wines and liquors and of gourmet products from Campania, it is easy to guess why a shop that was born only recently has become, in a very short time, a must-see for many local and international clients. La Bacheca is already successfully shipping its “made in Italy” all over the world, with the best price guarantee and an insurance that assures the free replacement in case of damage.

Our Team, our Family



Carmela, the younger sister, was the last to get involved in the family business but has soon become a fundamental cog in the wheel.


Art Director

Lucia, the real designer of the family, is the one who meticulously follows the combination of colours, shapes and matches. The young entrepreneur, graduated with honours



Gaetano, third-generation artisan and entrepreneur, was born in May 1954 and, still nowadays, supervises and advises his daughters


Co - Founder

Anna, the real Italian mum, loves to dedicate her time to the family work giving her precious contribution to choosing the items and to interacting with clients.

Our Shop

Situated on the main road of Praiano, Via Capriglione, our boutique is easy to reach with and without transports during your holiday on the Amalfi Coast. The inside is very cosy with its high-quality handmade furniture and our best articles samples. We will welcome you with a free tasting of handmade limoncello!

Our Mascotte

Our boutique, filled with precious furniture, would not be the same without our mascot, Whisky. He mesmerises our guests singing “Volare” and, wandering around the shop seeking your attention, will keep you good company! He will conquer you and leave you unforgettable memories thanks to his sweet eyes and fabulous singing ability.